Who can apply for an account with Green Powered Solutions?

Any high-risk business such as a cannabis or hemp related business, including dispensaries and growers, and other “high-risk” businesses. Your business must

be licensed in its state and have no unpaid taxes.

What Services does Green Powered Solutions Provide?

We assist merchants in obtaining the following solutions for their business:

● Processing of credit and debit cards (all major cards)

● Bank Accounts

● Legacy Cash Deposits

● E-Commerce

● eChecks & ACH wire trasnfers

What is FinCEN?

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN ) is a bureau of the United States

Department of the Treasury that collects and analyzes information about financial transactions

in order to combat domestic and international money laundering, terrorist financing, and other

financial crimes. www.fincen.gov

How is Green Powered Solutions ensuring that this solution is compliant with the various state Cannabis business regulations?

Legal and financial teams worked directly with the US Treasury

Department’s FinCEN division during the development of our banking solution.

Doing so has ensured full compliance of this solution with all laws and regulations specifically,

with the Payment Systems (Oversight) Act of 2006 that is relevant for businesses associated

with the Cannabis industry. In addition, GPS and our partners have worked to ensure both solutions

are compliant with any/all current state specific laws and reporting requirements. In the future,

as new states legalize either medical or recreational cannabis businesses, our resources will ensure full compliance

with any new state or federal requirements as they are added.

How can I access the funds in my account?

With our banking solution, you will be given a checking account that has full access and privileges like a normal business checking account.

Can I deposit legacy cash into my account?

We can accept legacy cash deposits. You will be vetted before being approved. Any past tax issues may prevent you from being approved.

In which states is Green Powered Solutions available?

All states with a legal medical or recreational program

How long do approvals take?

Approvals within 2 weeks! 3 weeks maybe with set up.

What is the length of merchant contract & are there any cancellation fees?

No term on contract or cancellation fees

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